Helpful Links

This is a listing of links which DeMarco Intellectual Property has found useful on a day to day basis:
USPTO Home Page
USPTO Manual of Classification (CPC and USPC Schedule)
USPTO International Information (USPC-IPC Concordance)
USPTO Public PAIR (Application Status)
USPTO Assignment searching
USPTO Maintenance Fee (via Michael Dittenbach and Max-Recall)
EPO Patent Search Site (Espacenet)
EPO Cooperative Patent Classification Schedule (CPC Schedule)
WIPO Patentscope Patent Search Interface
WIPO International Patent Classification Schedule (IPC Schedule)
Japanese Patent Office (Japanese to English Machine Translations)
Locarno International Designs (Via the GB Office)
German Patent Office (Depatis)
Google Patent Searching
Google Scholar Searching
Google Book Searching
IEEE Search Engine
PIUG Home Page (Patent Information User Group)
DeMarcoIP was officially formed on January 1, 2007 and the team members of DeMarcoIP bring with them decades of experience working with patents and performing patent searches for clients worldwide.