Expert Services

Our Directors are experts in patent information and patent searching. If you require an expert witness to take the stand and speak the truth about matters relating to these subjects, you can do no wrong hiring an expert from DeMarco IP.

Dominic DeMarco has been a professional patent searcher since 1997. He learned to search at the USPTO using the infamous “shoes” in 90’s before transforming into a patent database and patent information expert. He currently teaches both entry and expert patent search courses to in-house teams on behalf of the international patent information trade group PIUG. In addition, the USPTO has brought Dominic in to deliver multiple classes on gap analysis of their internal systems and methodologies.

Jennifer Scism has been a patent professional since 1999. She began her career supporting litigation matters at various law firms in Washington DC, received her law degree in 2004, and eventually left litigation practice to join DeMarco IP in 2011. She is a true expert at understanding the “what, when, where, and why” of patent searches to support litigation.