Proper search strategy is our business

Our goal is to execute an adaptive and iterative methodology that will lead to a project-specific search strategy with the highest probability of locating particularly relevant art and the lowest probability of missing relevant art.

Patent searching is not a checklist or cookie cutter job. To succeed on a consistent basis requires an intelligent and talented searcher willing to alter their strategies based on continuous learning from the field of search. The patent searcher must constantly ask themselves the question “What is the best use of my time and resources?” throughout the patent search process and be willing to adjust based upon the answer.

DeMarco IP is a world leader in teaching proper search strategy, hired by companies around the world to teach their internal teams this adaptive and iterative methodology. A similar technique is utilized by the European Patent Office (EPO) when training new examiners. However, unlike the EPO, we are willing to fully document our search strategy and provide it along with the particularly relevant references from our field of search for review.

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